Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Canine Education Classes

Canine Education is a necessary and beneficial tool that ensures dog owners with a long, happy, and trusting pet-parent relationship throughout the life of their pet.  

Training methods vary among trainers in frequency and types of reinforcement.  At Doggie’s Day Out, our training program is a 6 week long intensive behavior management class that provides owners with a deeper understanding of how the canine brain works and what makes them tick.  In order to effectively train a dog, you must first understand the breed. 

Different breeds react to situations in various ways, so it is entirely necessary to first understand the breed of your dog before attempting to train them.  We use positive reinforcement strategies to curb negative behavior on top of treat based commands to teach your dog to respond to both verbal and silent commands.

Positive reinforcement is used by numerous trainers worldwide.  It is known to show the most positive behavior changes in dogs than any other training strategy. 

When a dog is acting out in a negative manner and the owner addresses it with a negative reinforcement strategy (example:  yelling at the dog when the dog is barking incessantly) the dog’s reaction and response time is lengthened due to the negative feeling the dog gets when the owner reacts in this way.

From the example above, when a dog is barking repetitively in order to gain attention or to simply say “hello” to the neighbors, the best way to approach this issue is by using the “hush” command. 
As soon as the dog takes a breath or a break from barking, immediately reward him. 

You are then rewarding him for the positive behavior you have requested and are not punishing him for the negative, barking behavior.

If you yell at the dog for barking, the way he sees it…is that YOU are barking at HIM so why should he have to stop?

Most of the positive behavior supports that curb negative behavior, reflects how the canine THINKS.

Dogs react to situations in ways that directly reflect their natural breed behavior. 
Another good example of positive reinforcement is used in loose leash walking.

If a dog is constantly pulling on their lead during a walk, the owners initial reaction is to pull back on the lead when the dog pulls…but the dog sees this the same way as the barking issue. 

If you are pulling on HIM, then why should HE not pull on you?  Positive reinforcement is also used to omit issues such as chewing, jumping, nipping, and more.

Along with the positive behavior strategies used in Doggie’s Day Out training class, treat based commands are also taught to the dog and the owner.  Using both verbal and nonverbal commands with your dog on a regular basis will increase the trust bond between you and your dog. 
In order for your dog to behave in an acceptable manor at all times, he must trust that how he acts is pleasing you. 

Take the “sit” command for example…if you frequently command your dog to sit multiple times throughout the day and reward him every time, he then knows that sitting pleases you. 

The more you show him that his GOOD behavior pleases you, the more he will behave (dogs automatically function in order to please their owner, but for this to happen often, takes training).

The more commands that your dog learns and performs, while also receiving a reward each time (rewards don’t always have to be treats!), the more he will understand your expectations for his behavior.
The 6 week training course you and your dog will partake in at Doggie’s Day Out, will not only build and strengthen the bond between you and your pet, but will also socialize your dog with people, dogs, and unfamiliar experiences. 

Positive Reinforcement, treat-based commands, and socialization are the three steps to a well-trained dog. 

Practicing these three steps throughout a 6 week course will teach your dog how to behave in an acceptable manor in any situation.

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